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Alameda Adjustable Bar Stool Chrome and Grey

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Pour yourself a glass of wine, take a load off your feet, and unwind after a hard day's work. Blissfully settle into the soft, relaxing comfort of this contemporary bar stool to gently soothe the day away. A strong, sturdy metal foot rest and soft, plush, back-supporting seat provide exquisite comfort and relief. Its modern design is accentuated by sleek lines, smooth, grey upholstery, and the stunning shine of a chrome finish. This stool is stylish, compact, and easily adjustable, making it ideal for rooms of all sizes and decor styles.

* Dynamic bar stool accent, ideal for modern kitchen or dining spaces
* Bold gray upholstery with channeling for a refined look
* Slender silhouette offers a contemporary and space-efficient design
* Cool U-shaped footrest paired with a chrome finish for added flair
* Adjustable seat height for versatile pairing with tables or counters.
* Upholstery: Grey leatherette
* Metal finish: Chrome


Height 32.5
Width 17.75
Length 17